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I am a fourth-year undergraduate student completing my Honours B.A. in Psychology at York University.  

My research interest lies in creativity, sensory imagination (phantasia, aphantasia and hyperphantasia), and narratives with a focus on its use through transitional periods. The primary goal of my research is to develop tools and learning strategies that can increase or improve upon creativity throughout development. Currently, I am interested in how narrative goal-setting strategies that utilize sensorial imagination may be used for integrating identity and minimizing stressors such as risky behavior and future related fears through transitional periods. I intend to pursue Clinical and Counselling Psychology in graduate school to become a licensed Clinical Psychologist or Psychological Associate.


As a member of the South Asian community, I am eager to aid in the normalization of mental health conversations within the community while providing mental health solutions that are implementable and relevant for South Asian cultural dynamics.


Outside of academia, I am an avid artist with ongoing projects in music production, creative writing, acrylic painting, and clothes design – to name a few! I’m currently working on a dystopian space opera and novel (which is taking much longer than I anticipated), both of which I hope to publish one day!